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Are you doing the work?

It’s pretty easy to get lost in the insta-world of cliches and slogans when dealing with weight loss and looking better. It’s even easier to be cynical and throw the baby out with the bath water and recently i’m a little guilty of that – because there’s truth to some of the shitey stuff people peddle for likes.

Most of all:

Results don’t lie.

If you are not getting results, you are not doing the work. That’s it.

So here’s the variables I look at when a client isn’t getting results (and that can be for many reasons).


1) We haven’t waited long enough for the results to come

If you’ve been sticking to your diet protocols for a few days and just started working out regularly – it takes a while to see substantial results so be patient and follow the process


2) You are mistaking thought for action.

Here’s one that’s a little more subtle. I once had a client who swam 50 lengths 3 times a week as well as her workouts. She was seeing crazy good results.

Then one day she decided to concentrate on getting her weekly steps up. And absolutely smashed it. But to get to her desired total – stopped swimming. When the scale didn’t say what she thought it would, she was disappointed.

What she had done was substitute an amazing calorie burning workout for something that yes, did burn calories but nowhere near as much. And because she put a lot more mental thought into the steps – perceived she was doing the work when really – not so much.


3) You just haven’t done what you said you were going to do

It’s easy when you are motivated (usually on Monday!). You know, the stars have aligned and it’s time to do the work. You book a 10k, various classes and vow to do those extra sessions and stick to your diet.

Then one thing goes wrong on Tuesday or Wednesday and then again… you’ll start again on Monday. And then absolutely nothing gets done again.

Over time, you get further and further away from your goals and ultimately give up.


So here’s how to get out of those traps and actually get the work done.

1) Decide what success looks like… i.e. what work are you going to do to get towards your goals.

Every Monday I ask clients when they are going to exercise and what they are going to DO outside of the gym to get them to their goals. Then it’s up to them to execute step 2.


I really wish there was an easier way. But there isn’t.


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