My clients don’t really lose weight.

Not because I’m crap at my job (6 of my clients have lost 70 inches between them in under 3 months), but because when they come to me, what they actually want is:

  • A body that looks and feels great
  • No stress or emotion around food
  • Enough energy to feel ace whatever they are doing

None of this is actually anything to do with the number on the scale, so why are we so obsessed with it?


The way we think about all this stuff is influence by TV, Magazines and crudely written internet articles.

‘Lose a stone in a month’

‘How Sally went from 21 stone to 10 in 5 months’

The Biggest Loser and the list goes on.,

The reality is, it sells

The big weight loss companies like Weight Watchers, Herbalife, Juice Plus, The Cambridge Diet and many more are all based on weight loss.

And to be fair, they work temporarily. Restricting calories, crashing your metabolism and destroying your relationship with food in the process BUT for the first few weeks you lose a lot of weight.

It’s unsustainable at best and at worst, if you can sustain it, they will probably lead to an eating disorder.

Because your metabolism has crashed (I talk about adaptive thermogenesis here) you gain all that weight back on and more.

So how do you not care about the scales?

A lot of this depends on your goals. With my clients who want to be ‘toned’ or ‘slimmer’ I agree a goal e.g. a dress size off etc.,

And when we begin we measure these places with a measuring tape:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Arms
  • Thighs

The reason why I measure so many sites is because fat loss can not be spot reduced, it comes off everywhere or nowhere. Most people lose fat off different parts of their bodies at different rates, so measuring the whole body enables us to make an accurate prediction on whether someone is losing fat.

E.g. When weight stays the same, but a client loses 3 inches off their waist, 2 off their hips, and 1 off each thigh, we can confidently say that they have gained muscle and lost fat (because we are also measuring how they are progressing in their resistance training workouts).

If you are not measuring your body parts, in relation to weight, no wonder you get disheartened when it doesn’t change.

When you starting seeing the inches fly off – you stop caring about the number on the scale.

When you start fitting into the clothes you once couldn’t, you stop caring about the scale.

And then you begin to enjoy your body, for more than just a number.

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