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You know the story.

Every Monday you are uber motivated. Food for the week is nicely prepped. Not too much fat, not too much carbs. You are eating clean and this week you are sticking to it!!!

Then something happens.

Work gets stressful, an argument with someone close to you, an unexpected bill – and suddenly all you want is 2 bottles of wine and a pizza.

So then ‘fuck it’ occurs.

Fuck it

Fuck it is different for everyone.

For some people it’s a Friday after work. Straight to the pub with colleagues and then a meal out and then more drinks, then maybe a takeaway after the night out.

You wake up on Saturday, feeling hungover, tired and guilty. But fuck it prevails. All weekend.

For some people, it is raiding the crisp and chocolate biscuit cupboard on a Friday after work before cooking the tea or ordering a takeaway.

The basic premise remains the same…

I’ve cheated on my diet so now I won’t care until Monday.

And the cycle begins again.

Why does this happen?

Fuck it happens for a few reasons.

Sometimes you just haven’t eaten enough. When your body gets low enough blood sugar, it will make you find a high energy food source regardless of its nutritional content.

This is pretty common in people who start the week off on a diet. You reduce your food to the bare minimum and with every decision you make, use some of that precious glucose and reduce it further. Every time you use your willpower to say no, your blood sugar gets lower leading to that inevitable moment when you cave in and feast after a hard day.

Sometimes it’s emotional. You fall off the wagon because of an argument with your boss or spouse, a bad day at work, money problems and more.

But combine these two together and the situation gets worse.

You’ve been on a diet for three days, your blood sugar is low and your irritable. You’ve cut out your favourite foods and you’re struggling.

Then it happens. You finish work on Wednesday night and traffic is terrible.

Fuck it.

How to stop this cycle..

The first solution is to eat a bit less.


Here’s the deal. If you are overweight, you are eating too much. When you restrict your calories, you overcompensate in the fuck it period with high calorie foods. Despite the calorie restriction, your overall intake during the week exceeds what you burn and gets stored as fat.

Write a food diary in real time

A lot of people who write food dairy’s a day later often forget the foods they eat by habit so make sure these get on your food diary. When you have a weeks worth of information, work out how many calories you are eating on a weekly basis.

Take this number and subtract 5-10%. You need to be in a deficit to lose fat/weight.

Divide this number by 7 and this is your daily calorie target to get as close to as possible.

Divide this number by 4 (4 meals a day) and you have a sustainable diet that should hit the balance between having normalised blood sugar.

If you can then make 80% of your meals consist of foods that run, grow and swim then you’re on to a sustainable diet that will eliminate snacking.

Although this may not solve the emotional problems behind why you overeat, it will provide a solution to the physiological issues holding you back.

Binge eating is a hard issue to tackle but by making small, sustainable changes it will disappear over time.

I hope this helps 🙂

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