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‘It’s frustrating.’

Last night I had a message from an old uni pal who recently got engaged. She’s tried everything to get fitter, lighter and healthier but she can’t see the change.

‘I wish it was like Uni where I could drink 10 pints of snakebite a week and I was a size 8!’

Most people know that as you get older your body becomes a little less efficient. But a lot of people become less active when they’re older – proper jobs where you sit all day aren’t that great for the body.

She has tried running, high intensity training and bodyweight workouts and isn’t really in the position to hit the gym because of where she lives and the affordability.

She’s tried diets, low carb, atkins, south beach, cambridge weight loss, slimming world, paleo and all sorts and still can’t see the change.

So as she asked me last night.. ‘What’s the secret’?

*************** Here’s the secret: *****************


If you are only measuring change by scale weight, then you will be disappointed. Especially if you are a woman. If you do a workout, your body adapts goes through a process of rebuilding and you will put on weight temporarily. If you are anywhere near your period, you will put weight on. If you’ve had salty food, you will put weight on. There are about a thousand variables to do with your weight and you can only control about 5 of them!


What’s the goal? Is it scale weight or in the uni pal’s case, do you want to look and feel amazing in your wedding dress? So is weight really the best measure of success? Maybe. But if this person was working with me, we would tape measure shoulders, chest, waist, arms and legs (fat loss either comes from everywhere or nowhere so we measure everywhere). We would monitor how clothes fit and feel and general appearance.

Have a think about what the best way to measure YOUR goal is.



You don’t know how much you are eating. If you don’t know what you are doing now, how do you know what to change?


Write a food diary. Yes it’s a ball-ache but it has a few benefits. Firstly, you get to actually know what you are eating and how much. A lot of people eat foods habitually and don’t really remember the 5 biscuits at 2pm at their desks. It’s easy to forget but it happens all the time.

The other thing I look for in food diary’s is ‘why’ certain foods are eaten. Food is so widely available that hunger is not the only reason we eat. We eat because we are stressed, bored, emotional, watching the TV and many other reasons.

I’ve seen a lot of people have successful weight loss by reflecting on their eating behaviour and then modifying it by only eating when they are hungry and finding a great outlet for their stress or boredom.



Your exercise regime is ALL or NOTHING. You either go for 6 runs or classes a week or you’ve not trained in a month.


Firstly, up your activity. It doesn’t need to be the gym or a run. It can literally be making a conscious effort to do 2000-3000 more steps a day.

If exercise is what you like to do, set a time twice or three times per week for exercise with a day or two in between. Yes, exercise is important for health but so is recovery. If you want your body to change, you have to have a progressive exercise regime (i am known in my gym for telling people they need to do one more rep or another 1kg each week). You’ll keep getting stronger and fitter and over a year you’ll see the change.


There’s no crazy secret. Just doing things over the long term that make a difference.

I understand life gets in the way but one tiny little change a week and in a years time, you’ll look crazy amazing in that wedding dress.

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