How do we plan multiple social events and fit them into calorie and macro goals?

It’s my 30th Birthday on Monday and i’ve got a few things on involving food, family and friends so I thought i’d write down my strategy on how I’m going to keep making progress while having fun.

Here’s the list of events:

Saturday – Family meal at La Favorita (Italian)
Sunday – Family Meal at home (Mac and Cheese)
Monday – Spa Day with Afternoon Tea
Tuesday – Nothing on (phew!)
Wednesday – Other side of the family meal (Pub Lunch)

So usually my macros are quite high (3100 kcals, 200g protein) because I’m walking around the gym all day doing 20,000+ steps and because i’m off all week I have to adjust for less exercise.

So i’m taking calories down to 2700 kcals for the days I’m out (S, S, M, W) and taking them down to 2400 kcals when I have nothing planned.


Next step is planning what I’m going to have at each of the places I’ll be visiting. Luckily we can plan ahead by going on the prospective restaurants websites and then inputting the foods onto myfitnesspal. Doesn’t really matter if I can find the exact foods, but I want to make sure I overestimate – studies show that people underestimate by as much as 25% when tracking foods.

So let’s say on Saturday I want pizza and some beers (which i definitely do), then I find a 1300kcal pizza and 3 beers on MFP and enter them in. That’s around 2000 kcals.

With the 700kcal I have left, I try and fill with a protein shake and fruit/vegetables so my blood sugar is managed and I protect the lean tissue i’ve been working hard to build. Hitting protein target but staying under the calorie goal is the aim here.

On the day I have nothing planned it’s about eating high volume, low kcal foods (think leafy green vegetables and lean protein sources) and making sure I try and get a workout in (for my sanity more than anything, family can be hard!)


I know that after this week i’ll be a little bloated and maybe holding water from the foods but in a few weeks that will be gone and i’ll have done my best to manage the social events I have into my diet and exercise.

The main thing i’m trying to achieve is to have a great birthday weekend with the people I love and not get too anxious about ruining the hard work of the last few months. Life is too short.

Give me a shout if you have any questions 🙂

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