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At Steve Marsden fitness we aim to make the population of Livingston to be healthier and happier, so they can longer and more meaningful lives.

In our small boutique personal fitness gym we provide small group personal training sessions, where you can receive all the benefits of a personal training structured program with exceptional value and community of group training. 

Our fun, inclusive sessions are designed to allow you to work at your own pace and exercise at your own level. You will be able to focus on the movements that are right for you and no need to worry about keeping up with others.

We focus on finding the most effective solutions to fit your personal circumstances to get the most from your time with Steve Marsden Fitness. Your personalised plan will consider your current fitness and health levels, how much time you have to commit to making changes and finding sensible changes you can make that won't impact your day to day life negatively.

Our Services

Semi-Private Personal Training - from £129 per month

Our core service is our small group personal training sessions.

These sessions provide a great atmosphere to exercise in, where you can challenge yourself and work towards your personal goals in a supportive and non-judgemental community.

You can switch off from the world outside and commit to making quality time for yourself.

Private Personal Training - from £259 per month

Do you want one-on-one attention in our small private gym? We will train you privately, teaching you how to exercise the right way for your body and abilities with one of our expert PT’s

Frequently Asked Questions

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