It's easy for us to tell you how good we are - now hear from some of the amazing, hard working people we have helped!

Highly recommend Steve if anyone is thinking about personal training! I have been training with Steve for nearly two years now and in that time I have learned so much and my relationship with fitness and exercise has been completely transformed.

I have gained so much more confidence in the gym since I began training with Steve and I always look forward to our sessions! Looking forward to the new gym!
— Sara, Masters Student
Having tried lots of different diets and clubs in an attempt to lose weight and become fitter I decided to join a gym and met Steve. From the start Steve has been supportive and encouraging, making me feel comfortable and pushing me to achieve more and continue to improve. In 12 months I have lost 5 stone in weight, 50 inches over my body and dropped 6 dress sizes.

No matter what the issue is Steve will help you work through it and is always available between sessions if you need him, whether it is to ask advice on something diet related or just because you are struggling and need a friendly nudge. Through his Facebook group and social events there is a great support network between all his clients so you never feel alone in your journey.
— Heather, 28, Student
Have tried various different gyms and diets but never got anywhere. Came to train with Steve and was the best decision I have ever made.

He tailored my programme to my individual needs, motivated me and pushed me to achieve the best results (24lbs lost in 9 weeks) but overall a great friend and coach. Would highly recommend.
— Caitlyn, 23, Nursery Nurse
Can’t recommend highly enough. I went to my first session (February 2017) very dubious about Steve: I had been told by doctors that my back pain could only ever be controlled with medication and I would never regain full range of motion. Within one hour, Steve had managed to help me to touch my toes and begin restrengthening my lower back and legs.

Over the next three months, the pain had subsided to the point I no longer needed my medication.
Since then, I have lost 2 stone in weight and I am now able to run 1 mile (a feat I never dreamed I’d be able to do), I am constantly breaking PBs across all areas of the gym and I managed to complete Total Warrior in 2017 whilst helping others over obstacles.
Steve has not only helped me to regain my physical health and strength but also my mental state. I now feel more confident in myself, my abilities and my relationships with others.

If you’re suffering with medical issues, Steve does his research. He discusses why he is trying something with you and will adapt if you don’t fit the textbook scenarios (which a lot of physiotherapists don’t...!). Give him a chance and work with him. He’s worth his weight in gold!!!
— Richard, 30, Teacher

From day 1 Steve has given me confidence and encouragement to push myself further than I ever expected. The results have been amazing considering I only started 2 months ago. 5 inches of my waist already..... and this being over the festive period !!! Thanks Steve.
— Susan, 47, Careworker
As a fellow Personal Trainer I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Steve for some time now and the care and attention he gives his clients is second to none. The bond that him and his clients have is very admirable and he creates a fantastic environment to help them achieve their goals!
— Gordie Adam, WNBF Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer
Steve is a very enthusiastic and motivating trainer. He has given me the confidence to push myself and achieve much more than I thought I could. The sessions are varied and I have enjoyed trying a range of exercises whilst improving my fitness.
— Poppy, 24, IT Technician
Working with Steve is not only enjoyable but also pushes you to the next level. He teaches you how the body works and what you can do to get your body to look and behave the way you want.

He creates an environment that puts you in control and accountable. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
— Kat, Estate Agent
A couple of years ago I got the fitness bug. I trained 5 days a week and ate all the chicken and broccoli. I felt great because I looked great but it was not a realistic lifestyle for me to maintain. After the summer I slowly put the weight back on and all that hard work disappeared.

In 2016 I joined the Livingston Rugby club ladies team and really needed to get my fitness back to good health. I got in contact with Steve to help me and have been a client for a year and a half!

Steve created a great program specific to getting me in shape for playing rugby! Burpees box jumps were a favourite of his! I am now stronger and happier than I have ever been, I can play a full 80 minutes of rugby and tackle the s**t out of the opposition. I now have a much more realistic fitness regime to fit in with my life and my rugby and it’s all thanks Steve.

Great motivator and is very specific to yours needs. Thank you Steve!!!
— Hayley, 27, Veterinarian Nurse
Steve is a great personal trainer, he’s really laid back and easy to talk to. His sessions are great because although he’s making you work hard, you can chat and have a laugh taking some of the stress away.

I had heard all the horror stories about PTs and was worried when I started with him but they disappeared as soon as I met him.

The sessions are varied and he will always ask if your enjoying what your doing and will happily change a session to fit your needs. I work nightshift and he will happily change a session for me when my brain and body isn’t quite with it from lack of sleep.

An all round great personal trainer, I would and do reccomended him to everyone looking for a PT.
— Mhairi, 27, Nurse