This is it. New year, New You.

It’s the first Monday in January. You’ve spent the last 10 days preparing for this moment. All the crap in the cupboards has been thrown out. You’ve finished the last bottle of wine and your new Breville blender (you know the one on sale for £20 in most supermarkets with the detachable green bottles…) is ready to go. You’ve signed up for the gym and booked in 2 classes a night, downloaded myfitnesspal and have told everyone about it and are ready to get that body you’ve always wanted. THIS IS YOUR YEAR.

The first few days are amazing. You eat the low-fat low-calorie lunches at your work and sip green tea in between. Your drinking water and even though your popping to the toilet every 30 minutes or so – you’re on fire! You leave your work excited for the gym! Tonight is circuits and spin and even though you don’t really know what’s in store, it’s got to be done for your goals. You smash those workouts and every workout until Friday! YOU’VE DONE IT! YOU CAN DO THIS!

By Friday evening you’ve lost 5lbs. Fuck it, Celebrate with a glass of wine! No! The bottle. You deserve it. You update your Facebook status about your transformational week and continue the low carb, low fat diet over the weekend.

Monday rolls around again and you are still fired up. You stick to the diet and your 8 workouts a week. Friday comes and you’ve lost another 2lbs! HALF A STONE IN TWO WEEKS! Yeah, it’s not as big a loss but it’s still coming off. You have a bottle of wine to celebrate and even a takeaway! Everything in moderation right!

Week three. Your energy and motivation is starting to lag. The other people in your work have started to bring the usual biscuits in and even though it would be nice – you have to keep going. A coffee helps. You stick to your light lunches but after the boss has given you a bollocking for something you didn’t do, the gym is the last place you want to be. But no! You soldier on until Wednesday. Wednesday night you have a break- you’ve done so well up until now. Actually, you can go to the gym again on Monday, 4 workouts in a week is enough. Then by Thursday, you cave in. One biscuit won’t hurt. But then again one isn’t really enough to dip in tea.

Friday comes around and the scale hasn’t budged. Frustration kicks in. Why won’t your stupid body lose weight. You order an Indian because why not? It’s not like your stupid body does what you want anyway.

Monday comes and the meal prep hasn’t been done. Ah well, you’ll just get a sandwich at work. That sandwich turns into sandwich and crisps with some chocolate afterwards. A mid afternoon coffee with 3 or 4 biscuits and we are back to the same old. Except you’ve put on more weight then you started with.

Another month rolls round and this cycle begins again.


How you can never fall into this cycle ever again!

Sound familiar? Most of my clients, friends and family have been stuck in this vicious cycle. In all honesty, so was I before I found a sustainable way to stick to it all.

Let’s take stock of where you probably are at the moment.

Your diet isn’t 100% amazing and you don’t do any exercise. This is why your body is the way it is.

If this is the situation you are in, just adding 3 workouts per week (classes or PT session or nay movement really) will change your body because of the increased energy output.

I’ve seen clients lose 25 inches in 2 months without changing their diets (they still had a twice weekly takeaway and didn’t make any real effort to eat healthy) because of their increased activity. There’s no pressure for you to eat the right foods (I truly believe there are no inherently good or bad foods) and there is no guilt, shame or hatred when you fall off the wagon.

It will seem easy.

When your body begins to slow down this progress, it’s time to change something small. Usually I suggest eating protein at each meal. Not because carbs or fats are bad or protein is like magic but because protein makes you feel full and you don’t snack as much because your satisfied. For clients, I’ve changed a coke to a diet coke and it kickstarts the adaptation again.

I know it sounds too simple, but the goal isn’t really to lose weight. The goal is to stick to a lifestyle where you look and feel awesome 24/7 and that begins with just 3 workouts a week.

If you have any questions, give me a shout on steve@247superhero.com. I want to help as many people as possible and if you need me, gizza message!

Happy New year.

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