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A funny thing happened last week.

I was doing my usual check-ins with clients about how they were feeling the day after their sessions. I do this for 2 reasons:

– Make sure they sore and to make sure they recover efficiently

– To see if there’s anything they didn’t like and enjoy and change it

But something cropped up last week that opened my eyes to a potential problem for people and how they are chasing their goals..


Me: ‘How are you feeling today?’

Client: ‘Crazy day at work but apart from that not too bad’

Me: ‘Haha I know the feeling, are you sore at all? Was good to try different stuff in the workout.’

Client: ‘Totally. It was amazing. I’m not sure if I pushed myself hard enough tho.’

Me: ‘Why do you feel like that?’

Client: ‘I don’t feel broken’


I explained to them that to get their goals, you don’t have to be broken. There’s a culture in the gym about ‘beast-mode’ ‘grind’ ‘no pain, no gain’ that implies you need to take extreme measures to get to the goals you want.

It’s just not the case for most people.

If you want to lose a dress size, a stone or inches off your waist then destroying yourself might get you there, but there’s easier ways.

If you are currently doing no exercise and work a sedentary job, start by doing more 2000-3000 more steps per day. You’ll lose weight.

Once that weight loss has stalled, why not try and get to the gym, a fitness class or some sort of exercise twice a week. Find what you enjoy, you’ll lose more weight.

All without changing your diet.

If you want to make it go even faster, try writing a diary of what goes in to your mouth? Having 20 biscuits a week? (That’s only 3 per day – it can happen) Try making a conscious effort to have 2 per day. Then when that stalls, have 1 per day.

I promise it can happen as easy as this. I know you want that stone to come off in a week – but it’ll be just like before, you’ll break yourself and put more weight on.

1lb a week through sustainable consistent changes and just like my clients, you’ll have dropped over 3 stone in a year.

If you want any help or support then send me a message and let’s make it happen.

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